Monday, June 28, 2010

Get ready!

The count down is on!  We leave in 6 days!  We fly out at 6am next Monday morning so we are staying overnight in Burlington on Sunday, July 4.  I can't wait to get there and take that first breath of Maui air.  Always one of my favorite things.  I feel like I should be doing more to get ready but it's hard to pack, especially Jacob's things until the last minute.  I also need to clean but today is just too muggy.  Maybe tomorrow.  I can't seem to focus or get motivated.  Maybe Ted's worries are rubbing off on me.  I'm hoping I will feel better once we have the house and Pili's plans finalized.

Jacob got his MMR shot Friday.  I was really dreading giving that one to him.  I am trusting the professionals and praying that everything is okay.  They said if he has a reaction, like a fever or rash, it will happen in 1-2 weeks... of course when we are away.

People keep saying to give Jacob benadryl on the flight to make him sleepy.  I don't like the idea of drugging him but if it makes the trip easier on him...  I asked the nurse and she said it was fine but to try it ahead of time because some times it hypes babies up.  So I gave him some yesterday around 11am before his nap and he slept 3.5 hours.  Pretty nice!  But then last night he work up at about 1:30am.  I rocked him for a while, then he started spitting out his pacifier and laughing hysterically.  Finally he made me laugh too.  He played with his new favorite little cars and went back to sleep a just after 4:00.  Could the benadryl have done that more than 12 hours later?  Seems unlikely but I do wonder.

More things to debate... do we bring the car seat on the plane?  We've got three seats so we could, but I don't know if it would be helpful or just one more thing to carry.  I really wish I had a crystal ball.

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