Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wow, I can't believe it's June 9!  My baby turned 15 months old yesterday!  And I have 5.5 days of school, plus 2 days of a class, left before summer vacation begins... a week from Friday... if I can just make it! 

Well our never ending debate about Maui continues.  Right now were contemplating taking two days to travel out to break up the 24+ hour day it takes to get there.  If we go straight to Maui, we have to get up at 2am, leave Burlington at 6am, arrive in Maui at 2pm (which is 8pm East Coast time), and then are up until 9pm (3am to our bodies)... all with a 16 month old!  We could leave Burlington at a more decent time, stop in CA for the night and then go to Maui the next day.  It would cost more, of course, but might be a little easier on us all.  Why do we seem to over think everything?!

Jacob is amazing!  Although he's had some tough days/nights lately, he seems to be back to himself.  He's up to 16 teeth, is cruising around (still on his tip toes), makes kissing sounds now, and is into everything!  He's very adament about what he wants and throws a little temper tantrum when he can't have what he wants... I'm afraid it's just a taste of what's to come!  I hear someone shaking their crib- gotta go!  :-)

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