Friday, December 5, 2008


I cannot believe how forgetful and absentminded I've become! I've been planning for over a month to go to a conference in Burlington on Monday. Today I wrote my sub plans and was making sure everything was in order, when I decided to look into the important details of the conference (seeing if lunch was included). The paper work I had didn't say so I went on-line to check. I was so surprised that the company sponsoring the conference had other things listed for the day before... on a Sunday! Then I check the dates only to find out the conference is on TUESDAY! Imagine if I hadn't figured it out and went on Monday. So then I had to deal with all the conflicts, like my first yoga class, that were scheduled for Tuesday. Yoga is now on Friday. This is just one small example of how I have lost my mind. I never used to be like this and now it's a regular occurrence. Oh well... a small but worthy price for a great cause!


Anonymous said...

AHA...welcome to the world of motherhood....pre-occupation...and the need for a calendar for everything!!!it's okay, Jodi, it will all eventually get back to normal...someday!

dmelen said...

I don't know if it will ever get back to "normal" maybe when they are married with their own kids? Once they are born you forget because you are so tired!