Monday, December 29, 2008

25 weeks

We've now known for 20 weeks (it seems like yesterday!) and have 15 weeks to go! I CAN'T WAIT!!

I got the yellow painted in the nursery yesterday (it's a little more yellow than I thought it would be) and am going to do the green tomorrow. Then I have to wait a few days before doing the wallpaper border.

I went shopping with my mom today and got a few shirts and another pair of jeans (having only one pair was getting old!). It was a fun day. Thanks, mom!


Anonymous said...

glad you had a good get some rest...Pili looks like she is such a good guardian....I bet she can't wait either for her new playmate to arrive! She will be so good with the baby. sm

wakes with crazy hair said...

I've enjoyed reading your blog! You look great, not to mention, happy as can be! Happy New Year to you, Ted, and Baby Manning.