Wednesday, December 3, 2008


We got our Christmas tree today. It's a very nice seven foot Vermont balsam that was not only easy to pick out, but went up in less than five minutes (with no arguments!). I've always thought that putting a tree in a stand is the true test of a relationship/marriage. Looks like we're in good shape for this year! Tomorrow we'll decorate it and post a picture.
On another note, I'm still feeling great! I felt the baby move a lot today, which made me feel good. The last few days have been kind of quiet in terms of movement, which worried me. I love feeling him or her move... it's so amazing!
Next Tuesday I'm starting pre-natal yoga with a friend from school who is two weeks ahead of me. It's supposed to help prepare your body for labor... we'll see. I'm really looking forward to the class.


mom31146 said...

Please...share your secret...we are anticipating our annual discourse over our tree...thank goodness we still find our Charlie!! Can't wait to see your will be great.

On the yoga, go are in wonderful physical condition to have this most likely is a different type of yoga..when I took yoga it was to slow down the body and don't want to slow down the baby...yet! But, who am I to talk...I continued aerobics until 8 months when I overdid it and was told to careful. I am sure you will be just

Ted said...

The secret must be for the wife to fall asleep on the couch, let the husband get the tree out of the truck by himself, cut the base off by himself, carry it into the house by himself, and then get it into the stand.

Then the husband lays on the floor setting the tree over and over into a perfect position for said wife, all while the dog bops him over and over with her soccer ball.

Jodi said...

I was not asleep!