Thursday, December 11, 2008


Last night I was really feeling the baby move around a lot and Ted finally got to feel it! It was the most I had ever felt, not just a bump or two, but pretty consistent wiggling. I love it!

On another note, I came home the other night to find the Christmas tree skirt pulled out and balled up in front of the tree. Pili had found a safe and secure place to bury her rawhide bone!


mom31146 said...

I agree; it is a wonderful feeling when your husband can finally experience what you have been for some time...I look forward to him/her letting Grammie share too!!

Pili just wants to have some Christmas fun....maybe she was looking for presents!

Eileen said...

Thanks for sharing your joy with us. My son Aaron was born in April and I remeber that Christmas like you are now. The best is yet to come. The world is looking forward to one more baby who will bring us more love.