Monday, January 5, 2009

26 weeks

The baby's room is now painted, Golden Honey on top and Ponderosa Pine on the bottom, with peek-a-boo animals in between. I love how it came out. We just put the crib together (with no directions and minimal arguing!).

I'm six and a half months now. I'm still feeling good except for the lingering cold and cough I've been fighting. Two weeks until the start of the third trimester! This Friday I have a glucose test and a tour of the birthing center.


mom31146 said...

this looks wonderful....not boyish or girlish...after all, who does not love little animals...after weeping like a child watching the movie "Marly and Me"...even after having read the book...your room is warm and inviting...the crib looks is a wonderful space for your new family member!! Pili will fit right in.. look great as

dmelen said...

It looks great with Crib in there. I am so glad Jonny was able to help you. Does Ted like it?

Jodi said...

Ted loved it also!