Tuesday, January 13, 2009

27 weeks

Ted thinks this might be the last week of a bare belly picture... I must be starting to look obscene! I did feel like a blimp today. Maybe it was because of what I had on. My clothes have always had a big impact on my mood for the day. But when your choices are limited, you have to wear what you have. The baby is moving a lot; I can look at my belly and see it bumping around. I am anxious to see Dr. Leight on Thursday (except for getting weighed). I must sound like I have issues, but really I don't. I'm enjoying every moment!


dmelen said...

No need to worry about the weight. It is all baby, and you look great!! Isn't fun being pregnant!!!

mom31146 said...

I think you look wonderful....and that is all baby...there is nothing more beautiful...it is life! Keep enjoying each day...they will drift by so quickly soon enough!