Tuesday, January 27, 2009

29 weeks

My belly is getting BIG! There is no more wearing my regular clothes unless the shirts are really stretchy. And my jackets are in their final days (good thing Ted has lots of snowboard jackets!). The baby has been very active the last few weeks. It's such an amazing feeling.

I was just reading in the news about the woman in CA that just had eight babies! That is just unbelievable. She made it to 31 weeks and they are all breathing on their own. WOW! Now that would really change your life.

Today one of my kids at school poked my belly and said, "Is there a baby in there?" Next she asked how many (not because my belly is THAT big, but because she is a triplet). Later a pre-schooler said, "You have a big belly!"

Eleven weeks to go!

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dmelen said...

11 Weeks!!! I can't wait!! Your belly is not that big. It is really cute.