Thursday, January 15, 2009


We went for my monthly appointment today with Dr. Leight. I've gained 6 pounds this month, (not bad considering Christmas cookies!) for a grand total of 22 pounds. My blood pressure was the same as last month, 120 over 78, the glucose test results were great (they want the number to be below 130 and mine was 83), and my belly measured a perfect 27-28 centimeters. When the baby held still long enough to hear the heart rate, it was 150-155 beats per minutes. He or she is very active. We are now scheduled to see Dr. Leight every two weeks- another milestone! Monday we have an ultrasound... stay tuned.

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mom31146 said...

I have been wanting to call, but know how busy you are...glad you posted all the info and Ted are going to have a wonderful baby...happy all the results were to your satisfaction!! Yipee...smm