Monday, January 19, 2009

7 months!

We're now in the third trimester! Only twelve weeks to go. We went for an ultrasound this morning. Everything seemed to go well, although they don't tell you as much as Burlington does. In Burlington they told us the actual size of all the bones and how that compared on growth charts. In Rutland she said the doctor had to look at the pictures to find the best ones. I guess that's part of the difference between a level 2 and a level 4 facility. We saw the head, with some peach fuzz hair on the back, lots of good pictures of the arms and legs (when they would stop kicking for a second), the heart, stomach, bladder, and kidneys, as well as the umbilical cord and placenta. She did say the placenta looked healthy, and the baby is clearly bigger, which made me feel good. He or she was head down with his/her but on my upper right side and kicking legs on the upper left (now I know what it is I feel so much!). Dr. Leight will have the report in a few days so I may call if I can't wait until we see her next week.

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mom31146 said...

I'm sure the technician was just doing their least what she/he shared with you was all little person, heh? I hope this ultrasound will pacify you both...If you are not pleased, go back to least for your own peace of mind! Hope you had a chance to enjoy your day off...schools, banks and the mail system...hmmmm...have too much time off!! I couldn't get much accomplished with my clients...they were all open else was!! Pili looks concerned...Love, Mom