Friday, January 23, 2009

Good end to the week

Although it has been a short work week for me, having Monday off, it has still been a long and busy week. I started the week with a 12 hour day, followed by shorter things all the other days after school. I really like to be able to come right home after school. That is my straighten up the house, walk Pili (and myself!), start dinner, and relax for a minute time. But now it's the weekend... ahhhh.

I got a call with good news from Dr. Leight today. She said the ultrasound showed that the baby was growing as expected, measuring 28 weeks. The baby weight approximately 1,000 grams, a little over two pounds. The placenta was high on the back of the uterus and healthy. The baby's head was down with no placenta near the cervix, and the amniotic fluid looked good. I actually haven't been worrying about the results this week; I knew they'd be good. Earlier in the week I had thought about calling at some point if I couldn't wait until we see her next week. It was nice of her to call, since I know she doesn't usually do that. As Ted said, she knows how neurotic I am. Neurotic and happy!! :-)

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dmelen said...

I am so glad to hear all the good news. Perfect place for the placenta. Oh by the way...kiss that straighten up the house, time to relax time good bye! There will be so much better things to do. Like cuddle and kiss a perfect little baby.