Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sweet Drink

We went to the hospital yesterday for my glucose and iron test, as well as a tour of the birthing center. It was very quiet there; no one was in labor. I got a tasty lemon-lime drink, which really was not too bad, just sweet, followed by a blood draw an hour later. We watched two videos; on car seats and breast feeding. We had a great nurse, Katie, that went over a huge information packet (yea- more to read!), talked with us about lots of things, and gave us a tour. It's unbelievable to think that in 13 or so weeks we will be back there for a very different visit. The rooms were very nice and we also got to see the c-section room (I hope I don't have to go there!).

This morning I went over to a good family friend's house, who happens to be a professional drapery maker! She is helping me make (or making for me) Roman Shades for the baby's room. We got a lot done. I have some busy work to do on them this week and then we'll finish up next weekend. It's so nice of her to do this for us. Thanks, Barb!

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mom31146 said...

I am sure Barb enjoyed your company as well...we are blessed by friends and family....SMM