Friday, January 30, 2009

Another great Friday

I always love Fridays. The work week is over (for me anyway- I wish it was for Ted also) and it's time to do the things I want! We saw Dr. Leight after school. Everything was perfect.... I gained one pound (in two weeks) for a total of 24, my blood pressure was 100 over 66, my belly measured 29-30 centimeters, and the baby's heart rate was about 145. We'll see her again in two weeks and have another ultrasound then to continue to monitor the baby's growth.

After the doctor's visit I went over to my friend Karen's house for a "girl's night" with a few other friends. We had some great food and watched the chick flick Mama Mia. I loved it! Gianna sat on my lap with her hand on my belly saying, "I felt it!" over and over. There is nothing like snuggling with a child... all I could think was... I am so lucky and... I can't wait!

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bmbt43 said...

I am so pleased for you! Love reading your blog and seeing pictures!

Didn't you just love "Mama Mia"?
Paul and I saw that play twice and went to the movie as soon as it was released. We watch it, now often and love it more than the play.

Tell Karen I would love to see a picture of Gianna. Lynn Ryan says she is so cute! And in K already!!! Barb